Go - Make Disciples
This is a website for a shared vision for our community in Shelton, Washington. We are praying and moving to start an open fellowship coffee house. A Christ centered place of refuge for any one whose heart burns for prayer and intercession, and to come along-side other saints in our community to share our testimonies and burdens. OR just be around the family of saints here in our community.
 We invite YOU to come along side us. Join the vision, contact us, get involved, pray, unite the community of saints around you.
 Pray for the signing of a lease for the needed building. Pray for all the funding needed to make it happen. Pray for the hearts on fire to come together in ONE (Jesus). 
​ We need your prayer support!
We believe strongly that Jesus sent every Christian out in His Name to make Disciples of His Name. We feel we are called to make the best disciples possible by the power of The Holy Spirit living in us. (As He is in every believer of Jesus Christ).
 We aim to teach, equip, and prepare disciples to go and make more disiples of Jesus.
We are Shelton Washington's Christian Community on fire to make disciples of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!
In the book of Acts, we see many enviable things about the first church. But the greatest strength (other than The Holy Spirit Himself) was the unity that they enjoyed.
They were in one place and of one accord. They had all things in common and no one lacked anything. We often overlook the power of unity. But this is where the power of the church exists. Even the old testement confirms this in Psalm 133 - "where the brethern dwell in unity, there the blessing of the Lord exists". 
 Part of the vision we are putting forth is a Christian Community Center. Community (I like to refer to as "common-unity") is most important in this time of the church. As we come together and fulfil the prayer of Jesus found in John 17 "that they may be one", we will find the same infilling of the church that was found in Acts 2 when they were together in "one accord". Let's pray for this to begin here in Shelton!
  1. Managing Director
We are here to Love, Mend, Train and Send as many as The Lord our God will call.